I stumbled onto this blog today & found this bit below about nutrition that really hit home:

“……the long and short of it is that my nutrition is focused on making my food work for me, instead of making me work for my food.  The food I eat has to give me good, dense nutrition, that my body can easily, readily and without added stress convert into energy…my food works for me.  A good majority of food that the general population consumes is the opposite – it makes the body work for it.  It takes so much energy from the body to digest and convert into actual useful nutrition that it is adding more stress than it is doing good.  I am stressing my body enough on the daily with running, never mind all the other stressors in life.  I need to put into it things that do not add to that stress.  I need to eat foods that help me recover quickly so that I can work harder.  Marathon training is as much about recovery as it is about the work.  Which means consuming foods that are not processed, do not take a ton of energy to convert into something useful and are not unrecognizable to my body.”

Simple, no?

Sometimes, as athletes, we can get quite passionate/riled up/defensive/annoying when discussing which nutrition strategy or food plan works best for our bodies and our training goals.

I certainly have had my fair share of food weirdness. Releasing labels, strong emotions and attachments from any certain eating style has been a wonderful side-effect of getting healthy. Not unlike my view of religion, I believe in respecting each person’s right to choose a nutritional path that works for them, as long as it’s not hurting anyone, including themselves.  Bottom line is that food is a personal choice. Folks are going to eat what they want to eat until faced with a desire to change – especially if their choices are not the healthiest.

I find it helpful to simplify.  I was a strict vegetarian for 20+ years and began eating meat a year ago as I was anemic, B12 deficient and tired all the time. The intensity of my running had increased and I needed to listen to my body.  I tried supplements, injections, etc etc and decided that eating meat a few times per week was just easier.  Does this mean I think everyone should eat meat?  NO! I simply made the choice based on what worked for me.


This is a roundabout way of saying: Listen to your body, own your choices & share what works for you.  We are all an experiment of one.



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