I started running late in life.  Prior to running my first marathon at age 27, I rowed on the crew team in college and stayed fit in general by running a bit here & there and lifting weights.  I’ve never run on a team or really had any sort of formal training in “how to run”.  I mean, you just run right?

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Particularly with the kind of running I’ve been doing the past few years (long, slow, on trails, over mountains)…you really just need to run a ton and you’re good. Right?? Or not…

I’ve started to face the reality that as “a woman of a certain age”, I need to continually reassess my approach.  I want to be running for a long time.  Both my parents are in their 70s and remain extremely active – astoundingly so.  I wanna be like them!!

Nutrition-wise I’ve got my act together and I’m feeling great about my current path.  I’ve got a training plan, with my eyeballs on a 2015 speedy marathon, a ticket to Boston in 2016, and hopefully another shot at a 100 miler.  I’ve also committed myself to a daily core routine & threw in a 30-day squat challenge on top o’ that. Getting strong is fun.  I am currently so so SO weak in my core & upper body, so the improvements come quick and are super satisfying.

Next up: running drills & warming up!  WHAT? Warming up? Why? Who does that. Not me. Never!  I just start jogging and call that a warm up.  Well, today I stumbled across this video from Oiselle, featuring Lauren Fleshman & was immediately inspired.  DAMN! I need to start warming up! It actually looks fun. And some of these moves are basically agility-training in my book since I am a total running klutz.  Check the video out!

One thing I love about running trail ultras is the diversity in ages, skill levels, body types.  It really is a Come One Come All sport.  I’ve been passed (swiftly, confidently and repeatedly) in ultras by women and men 20-30 years my senior.  My heart leaps inside when that happens & I can’t help but smile.  I aspire to be out there running for many many years to come.

Time to go stretch… 🙂



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