Starting off the week with a heart full of thankfulness.  I know that even when I feel overwhelmed, tired, scared….I have CHOICES.

Not everyone does. I am grateful for the tedious, monotonous tasks of my everyday life.  (I get to go grocery shopping, I get to go to my job, I get to do laundry, I get to sit with my son and remind him to hurry & do his homework so he’s not late for practice…)

Far too many people do not have the luxury of these options.  I am lucky.  So so fortunate.

I also GET to choose what I eat and how hard I work to reach my goals.  How mindful I am.  How disciplined, patient, dedicated and self-aware I am.

I recognize these choices as gifts and hold them dear as I wholeheartedly rededicate myself to my goals. Join me?



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