Change is hard.  I am a firm believer in the power of momentum to get my booty (and more importantly my mind) moving in the right direction.  Sometimes it feels overwhelming and downright impossible to do what we know will make us feel/think/be better.  Silly humans. Habits are hard to kick.

I’ve received lots of questions about my 10 day experiment with Purium and how it has worked for me. Sooooo, here’s the rundown:  I’ve experienced improved concentration, patience & mental clarity, much much better sleep, emotional calm, reduction in cravings (sugar, junky snacks, coffee), greater appreciation for eating slowly and mindfully, greater body awareness, MUCH improved skin tone, and last but not least: decrease in need for extra fuel (gels, drinks, bars) while running. Big bonus!

Now, one would think that with all these tangible improvements that staying away from sugar would be a no-brainer. HA. It’s everywhere, that sneaky bastard.  This is where I have found Purium so key: It takes my mind off stupid sugar because I am satisfied, nourished & energized. I plan to continue using the shake 1-2 times per day as it has enabled me to get off the sugar which was my #1 goal.

As I get older & healthier, I realize how empty and hollow that “quick fix” is.  Whether it’s sugar, alcohol, sex, spending money….it’s Oh So sparkly and promising one moment and such a letdown the next.  For those of us prone to addictions, this can be a tough lesson to learn. (I am 44 and still a relative newbie with this one…slow learner over here.)


I am inspired by so many women I know who keep fighting and growing, even when it hurts. Even when change seems impossible and so so hard.  I am profoundly lucky to be inspired by so many of you.  ❤


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