“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”  – Albert Camus

Recently, I personally re-dedicated myself to another round of clean & conscious livin’.

Despite sincere earnest attempts to adhere to my goals, a very stressful monster of an August reared its ugly head and snuffed out my resolve.  Back to square one.

This time, I decided to enlist the support of a product (which is nearly unheard of for cynical, skeptical, cheapskate, doubter-extraordinaire, control-freak Me). I first heard of Purium via this gal, and the fact that she is an ironman triathlete, speedy sub-3 marathoner, busy working mama & no-nonsense serious uber-athlete, all convinced me to give it a whirl.

I am hooked.

My main demon is sugar.  Sugar sugar sugar with some more sugar on top.  I lose out on precious nutrients because I crave sugar and subsequently fill up on sweet snacks (washed down with copious amounts of strong black coffee), leaving my mood and energy levels looking a bit like this:


 and the average work day ending like this:


Not good for anyone around me!!!

So, on day #9 of Purium and mindful clean eating, I am more than happy to report the following:

  • even moods
  • deep sleep
  • soft clear skin (lifelong eczema girl here)
  • improved energy all. day. looooong.

and the biggie….a huge wake up call and kick in the pants for me in terms of recognizing the importance of mindful eating and avoidance of sugar & processed crap: i am one who has a very hard time with “moderation” (to put it mildly), and by following this plan and gritting my teeth through the first few rough days, i have been rewarded with….



Right along with my son’s new backpack, spiffy new school clothes and freshly sharpened pencils, I feel renewed.   Ready to ease into autumn rejuvenated and recommitted.  I smell promise. ❤


(If you are interested in learning more about Purium, I have a few extra gift codes for $50 off.  Just let me know here or via FB.)


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