“When we spend our lives waiting until we’re perfect or bulletproof before we walk into the arena, we ultimately sacrifice relationships and opportunities that may not be recoverable, we squander our precious time, and we turn our backs on our gifts, those unique contributions that only we can make. Perfect and bulletproof are seductive, but they don’t exist in … More worry


Starting off the week with a heart full of thankfulness.  I know that even when I feel overwhelmed, tired, scared….I have CHOICES. Not everyone does. I am grateful for the tedious, monotonous tasks of my everyday life.  (I get to go grocery shopping, I get to go to my job, I get to do laundry, I get to sit with … More gratitude


gusto. hustle. gumption. oomph, verve, zeal, fervor. These are the qualities I tend to chase. Ironically, they are also the elements of my personality that I tend to shun, ignore & discount. I know they’re in there. They’ve just been buried and need some dusting off. I need to allow myself permission to let them … More exuberance


Change is hard.  I am a firm believer in the power of momentum to get my booty (and more importantly my mind) moving in the right direction.  Sometimes it feels overwhelming and downright impossible to do what we know will make us feel/think/be better.  Silly humans. Habits are hard to kick. I’ve received lots of questions … More momentum


“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”  – Albert Camus Recently, I personally re-dedicated myself to another round of clean & conscious livin’. Despite sincere earnest attempts to adhere to my goals, a very stressful monster of an August reared its ugly head and snuffed out my resolve.  Back to square one. This time, … More renewal