day 59! digging

On the “no sugar” front, I slipped (again) while celebrating Father’s Day with my family….It was a premeditated slip as I knew the delicious treats would be too difficult resist & sometimes it just feels ok to let the rules slide for a day.

Unfortunately/fortunately my body is so used to being off sugar that the slip-ups result in some pretty un-fun side effects.  Cue a week of night sweats and lethargy. UGGGGGGG. It’s my body’s way of saying “hey you! no way Jose! I do better on clean, whole, no-sugar foods! I also let you run better too!”  I am listening & have swiftly gotten myself back on track.

Last-week-of-school festivities and sussing-out Liam’s new schedule has also made run commuting a bit of a challenge this week, so it will be a big Hunk o’ Running for mama this weekend. CCC100 is right around the corner and I’m starting to have “Hey It’s Finals Week and I Forgot to go to Class All Year” dreams….OY.

With regards to my 100 days challenge, my training, my work, my health, my relationships….I often feel overwhelmed (and if you know me well, you know I get capital-O Overwhelmed)…but I started learning a valuable lesson (and continue this learning process, DAILY) 18 years ago at age 25 when I was in treatment for anorexia: speak the truth. focus on doing the next right thing. This is my job.  Some days this seems an insurmountable task. So I dig and dig and keep digging.  Digging for my truth, digging for that next right thing. Some days this exhausts me.  As it should.  This is work.

I came across this TedTalk by Glennon Doyle Melton, author and blogger at Momastery.  Her story was mine (delivered in a much more eloquent, touching & funny way than I would have ever done, mind you)….and I’m sure very similar to the stories of SO many women. She even talks about “the next right thing.”  Major.

I applaud women who open their mouths, put pen to paper, and tell the truth.  Out in the open.  Even in the midst of fumbling around, trying to do the next. right. thing.

Glennon writes:  “Sure, I was sober and out of hiding, but by denying my past to others, protecting myself with the shield of secrets and shame, I had isolated myself.  I was lonely, and a bit bored.  Life without touching other people is boring as hell.  It hit me that maybe the battles of life are best fought without armor and without weapons.  That maybe life gets real, good, and interesting when we remove all of the layers of protection we’ve built around our hearts and walk out onto the battlefield of life naked.”



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