Day 52! prep


start line of CCC100 2013.  that’s me in the white cap – freaking out already

This post most likely won’t be of interest to non-runners (although the theme can be applied to everyday life as well), but I stumbled upon this post on iRunFar this morning after my wee morning jog and it fascinated me! It’s basically a run-down of why the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run (aka “States”, “The Big Dance”) is so dang tough, comparatively, in the world of 100 milers. A must read!

This sentence popped out at me:

“Rookie runners, who are often well-prepared instrumentally, tend to be under-prepared for the mental challenges of the issues that befall them, and they tend to react in kind with a loss of cool and, at times, outright panic.”


When I think back to my preparation for CCC100 last year, I’m super impressed with myself! I nailed the training and stuck to the plan.  I laid down the miles and raced a ton.  Perhaps what was lacking, and what contributed to my DNF, was the mental & emotional strength needed to battle the beast…the crux of what makes an ultra so hard: dealing with those moments when my race plan would inevitably go sideways and I would need to adjust, rethink, reevaluate and just. keep. going.

Kind of like life.


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