Day 46! tally!

Almost halfway there….! Wheeeee!!


I just might make this a 200 day journey…. 😉

I have slipped a bit on the daily yoga ( 😦 ), but kept up the core fairly well & I am addicted to my nightly headstands.  I swear those headstands are magic!

The “no sugar” deal is actually no sweat for me now! (ok i kind of miss chocolate….). I have added in a few more grains as I’ve upped my running mileage, but not a ton.  I will be curious how my energy levels respond to the bumped-up miles.  I’m shooting for regularly hitting 65-75 miles/wk from now through the race, with low weeks sprinkled in to prevent burnout and injury.

Tomorrow will wrap up my first full week of run commuting, so I will revisit my fears and see how I fared in predicting the worst! 😉


dork factor:  I do believe I sit squarely in the dork compartment with my run commuting but the reality is:  I DON’T CARE!  yayyyy! Number of angry aggressive honks: 0, Number of friendly toot-toot honks: 3? Number of dirty looks: maybe 1? Number of heckles: 0! Number of middle fingers: 0! Number of smiles: many! Number of waves: lots! Number of nice whistles: 1! (I am sure this was a friend, not a creep)  You get the idea…I may look dorky but for the most part either: 1) No one cares 2) No one notices 3) No one cares.  🙂

bus:  Obviously I have not been hit by a bus.  Buses are loud & dirty and a little scary aaaaaand don’t give me much room but I do know how to get out of the way.  I would definitely NOT consider doing this particular run commute in the dark months.  NO WAY.

son:  A little early to tell on this one.  So far, he is golden.  (Thank goodness for cell phones & my ability to run slowly enough that running while talking on the phone is doable!)

I am looking forward to a weekend that is not dominated by my need to run a million miles. My sweet son, my messy garden, my dirty house and my peace of mind will most definitely benefit!!


baseball time!


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