Day 31! bloat!

hmmmm. During the past week, I have been “testing” a few items and the verdict seems to be: wheat & dairy are evil not my friends. I played around with adding in some high-quality grains (quinoa, which is technically a seed but whatever) and a bit of wheat (Dave’s Killer Bread) and a bit of cheese.

Results: the quinoa seemed to give me some nice oomph in the Running Department, and the bread & cheese just made me feel grumpy, tired, heavy & BLOATY. Ughhhh!!! 😦  I am going to steer clear of wheat & dairy for a while. My belly is NOT happy. Quinoa can stay because she is nice and stable and doesn’t make me look 4 months pregnant.

Also this:


Diet Coke is SO. OUTTA. HERE.


4 thoughts on “Day 31! bloat!

  1. Yikes. 3 biggies all at once! Ease into it. Test separately. Try gluten – maybe in cooked barley. Then wheat. THEN dairy. You could try testing dairy by introducing cheese, yogurt and milk separately. Some people can have yogurt but not milk. Take it easy, girl! And give yourself at least 2 days to see how you feel before you introduce a new food. 🙂
    This is what Dr. Pujari told me to do.

  2. yeah i am not a very “moderate” person….lol i need to slow down the ‘testing’ ! 🙂 thank you! i also need to get my blood levels done again…i think iron deficiency might be rearing its ugly head again! UGH

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