Day 16! baby steps

baby steps

Feeling a little like Bill Murray in “What About Bob?” …. Ahhhh, baby steps!

It’s day 16 and here’s a wee post on some steps forward and a few backslides:

the good:

  • my skin is getting better & better!! this is delightful to me! having quasi-soft skin that doesn’t itch and flake off is kind of miraculous. sugar & good skin do not mix!
  • saving $$$!!! no sugar/processed foods means less eating out, less take-out, fewer impulse buys.  foods that are packaged & wrapped cost WAY MORE.  i still buy some of these things for my son, but i buy them at Costco and they last a looooong time. which brings me to….
  • less trash!! my garbage can and recycling bins are way emptier! this is awesome. fewer boxes, bags, cans.  fresh fruits & veggies, meats, bulk nuts & seeds – buying these items = less packaging and junk to throw away.  next on my to-do list is to get out and plant some veggie beds….it’s not too late right??
  • sharing with others! now i’m sure at times this blog comes across as extremely boring, self-absorbed and navel-gazing.  i’ll admit it is a blog about me, so those things are true. BUT, i will happily say that sharing my 100-day project with those around me has also been very meaningful.  my sweet, loyal-blog-reading dad informed me that he decided to give up coffee/caffeine! (big move!!!) he says it’s not just for 100 days either! woohoo! a gal i work with asked me about my no-sugar plan and she has since given up sugar herself… love that!  i really do think we can learn from each other.

the not-so-good:

  • drag-ass running! my body seems to still be in that “where the heck is the sugar???” phase when i run.  this is where the science-experimenty-ness comes in.  i need to tinker with my running fuel so i don’t keep feeling like this on my runs:


  • true confession:  i missed 2 daily yoga sessions! and by “miss” i mean not only did i fail to do them but i realllllly missed them. lesson to me: yoga is good and necessary and non-negotiable.  simply put: yoga is all healing. (thanks Gretchen!, for that reminder)
  • lastly….seems that the “no sugar” thing has intensified my relationship with peanut butter and almond butter….to a scary degree. nothing wrong with these foods, but i have noticed a distinct craving for them as “treats” – a craving which ends with me standing at the counter with the PB jar and a spoon. this is not how normal people eat.  one of my goals with this 100-days is normality. nut butters are delicious and filling and full of good protein & fat but they are not inherently magical & i don’t need to sneak spoonfuls of nutty goodness.

onward with my baby steps to health…



6 thoughts on “Day 16! baby steps

  1. A question regarding “drag-ass running”: What do you think of Candice Burt’s approach to sugar? She eliminates it from her daily diet, but she consumes it during races. As a result of not consuming sugar day to day, you may get a tremendous boost from lit during a race. Or maybe not. ?????

    1. i think i will experiment with that this weekend, dad! 🙂 it’s the daily training runs that are draggy as well….i am waiting for that to change — perhaps i need to eat something right before the AM runs, even tho i usually don’t do that. maybe just a banana?

  2. I’m on day 9 of no sugar (you have been an inspiration to me!) and I’ll admit, though I’m not a runner, I’m feeling FATIGUE! Yesterday I felt bone-tired, had a head-ache, and today I took a nap at 3pm – I rarely napped before. And I had a weird foot cramp. But after talking with a nutritionist today, I learned that detoxing takes energy, as adrenals reboot without the sugar shocks. She said headaches and muscle cramping can be related to dehydration, and reminded me to DRINK WATER like it’s going out of style. I struggle to drink water, so I’m making an extra effort. But on the happy side, my nighttime sleep is much much better, deeper, though the night awesome, and I just feel more *present* to my day, even with some fatigue. Keep up the great work Erin!!! xoxox, Staci

  3. I have always eaten peanut butter right out of the jar with a spoon! When I was a runner in high school, I would sit with a jar of Jif (EW!) and a spoon in front of the TV. Totally normal!!

  4. @Heidi….i found out i do better with almond butter…it seems to make me less likely to go overboard. Ew Jif!! lol
    @Staci, you are doing so great!!! xoxoxoxo i struggle so much with drinking water….but the more i drink, the easier it is. I am still fighting a bit of fatigue as well…i think maybe 4 weeks is the magical timeframe-??? but who knows. I am anxious to hear how you are doing!! Great job!

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