Day 12 (& a headstand!)

As a young girl, gymnastics & dance were my only “athletic” pursuits.  Weekly classes down at the community center were fun and things like backbends & splits always came easily to me.  I was a very bendy little girl.  Fast forward to my 43 year old self, and the combination of aging, running and sitting on my a$$ all day (desk jobs are SO BAD FOR OUR BODIES!!) has diminished my flexibility and bendiness by quite a lot!

Beginning on Day 1, I have included a headstand at the end of my little yoga/core routine. Partly for strength, partly for fun, but primarily because I have horrible circulation and a strong tendency towards pooling of blood and fluid in my lower legs/feet.  Headstands simply feel GOOD to me.  Problem is, I suck at them. 🙂

So naturally I scoot my mat up near the wall and do assisted headstands, toes tapping off the wall for a few seconds at a time so I can feel that solid “i’m doing a headstand!!” feeling. It’s pretty cool.

Last evening I was particularly exhausted, stressed, drained.  We have had a string of glorious sunny 70-80 degree days here in the PNW, and I have been spending the majority of that time in my windowless office. Boo. Yes, I get out and run, do yardwork, etc…but missing this primo weather is hard when we get it so infrequently and I just wanted a sunny respite! So last night my grumpy self didn’t feel like hitting the yoga mat. She wanted to hit the sheets with a New Yorker & a bag of Cadbury Mini-Eggs, dammit! (this is where the “100 days” comes in handy….I don’t want to screw it up!!)

So I did a nice mellow vinyasa flow routine, followed by my core workout.  The headstand at the end is my “treat”.  Somehow, it felt much easier this time.  I popped up quicker and surprised myself by holding it before I went to the wall! I was doin’ it!!! Woohoooo! In reality it was probably just a few seconds but it felt longer.  I stayed up there and played around in headstand, feeling my stress leak away…letting it go.

This business of giving up sugar/processed crap food is really just a “letting go”…letting go of that attachment.  The yoga practice is mainly about exhaling for me…in order to let go I need to physically breathe it out.  Here’s to the exhale….

You will find that it is necessary to let things go simply for the reason that they are heavy


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