Day 8!

Ok the updates are probably getting annoying so at this point these are primarily for me.  I would like to look back on them later when I fall off this project  do another 100 days. 🙂

Big news in my 100-day project world is this:




More specifically, UNINTERRUPTED sleep!!! This is very unusual for me and very awesome. Normally I wake up 3-4 times per night and stare at the clock.  And then when I really have to get up, I curse the clock and feel completely cranky and want to hide under the covers because I don’t feel at all rested.

Now, I will not say I wake up completely refreshed (yet!), but the past 3 nights I have fallen asleep, and the next thing I know, my alarm is going off. No middle of the night wake ups! No wandering around the house trying to figure out why I can’t sleep! No 2 a.m. visits to the fridge! (yep, I have done that)  For someone who has struggled with insomnia and crappy sleep, this is BIG.  I hope it stays! Yayyyyyyyy sleep!!


2 thoughts on “Day 8!

  1. Same here – SO tired by 9:00 pm and sleep like a log until Mark wakes me up.I’m still not waking refreshed either, I think we’re still detoxing. My nutritionist friend described it as, “your body is wondering where the heck all the sugar went and is working extra hard to convert protein and fat into energy.” Makes sense!

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