Day 7!

I wasn’t planning on updating this as often, but it’s worth noting a few weird and wonderful side-effects of this 100-day project, despite being only 7 days in! (hmph – writing that out makes 100 days seem reallllly long….)


  • Night sweats from hell! Days 2-5 featured night sweats beyond anything I’d ever experienced.  Full-on soaked sheets, soaked night clothes, must-wake-up-to-change-and-move-to-other-side-of-bed-thank-god-i-sleep-alone night sweats. EW! Super uncomfortable but also super interesting to me.  I am viewing this project as a science experiment, not unlike pregnancy (on a much much smaller scale!).  I am eager to see how my body responds and evolves.  The sweating was unpleasant for sure, but gave me a clear sense that my body was experiencing some sort of cleansing/releasing/detoxing from the lack of crap sugars. No night sweating days 6 & 7, so maybe I am done with that weirdness!
  • Lethargic running! UGH! I know part of this is DOMS/recovery from my 50 mile race a few weeks ago, but I am normally one who bounces back from races fairly quickly.  My runs this past week and been well, WEAK.  Not for lack of calories or food, of that I am positive, but it seems the absence of sugar sugar sugar & crap carbs has thrown my body for a loop when it comes to exertion. Legs feel heavy and baby hills seem like Mt. Everest.  I am curious and excited for the end of this phase – It is making me a very grumpy runner indeed.
  • Crazy thirsty! Craving ice water and other watery goodness – all. the. time.  This is so weird because I normally don’t love water. I have given up diet soda as well so craving water actually belongs in both the Weird and the Wonderful. Yay H2O!
  • Funky breakouts! Not sure if this is along the same lines as the night sweats, but last week I had some hive-type breakouts pop up on my chest and neck…they went away the very next day but I wonder if this is also some sort of “detox-y” type reaction.
  • Realization that I am/was definitely addicted to sugar!! It’s interesting to monitor my brain & body in this process – my knee-jerk reaction to certain sights and smells which are now off-limits.  The big ol bag of gummy bears at the baseball game yesterday….the dessert section at the T & C …. the baked goodies at the coffee stand…. OH. YUM. But, it passes. Doesn’t last and doesn’t kill me. But definitely opens my eyes to the level of dependence I had on sugary yumminess to soothe my munchies, my anxiety, my discomfort, my sweet tooth.


  • Buying yummy “treats” in the produce section! I have decided to “let” myself buy whatever looks good in the fruit & veggie world, even those items I usually wouldn’t buy because they are pricey or too troublesome to prepare.  I have been enjoying all kinds of berries, watermelon, artichokes, asparagus, seaweed salads, and all types of interesting & delicious whole food combinations that I wouldn’t normally have tried.  I am realizing that fruits and veggies are already very very sweet!! And full of water and nutrients. I feel good after eating these foods, like I have given myself something kind and healthful as opposed to my normal child-like “i deserve a piece of coconut cream pie, dammit!!!” approach to treats.  This feels calming. Nurturing.


  • Soft skin! I NEVER have soft skin.  I have rough, itchy, alligator, crepe-paper skin.  For someone with chronic eczema, allergies, sensitive and prematurely wrinkly (and freckly Irish) skin, the soft skin thing is HUGE! I feel like I don’t need to use the whole jar of lotion like I normally do! My hands are not as scary as usual! My face looks more “glowy”.  I am not a medical professional, but I think sugar must be really really terrible for our skin.
  • Nicer mama!! 🙂  This is my opinion, of course, but I think I am calmer around the house and generally speaking, a nicer mom. I definitely think relying on sugar-boosts and empty-carb indulgences made me a very edgy and distracted person. Yes, like an addict.
  • Regular yoga = an awesome “habit”!!!!! I have been sticking with the ‘at least 15 minutes of yoga per day + core work’ thang and I LOVE IT! I love the breathing. I love the strengthening. My inflexible runner body loves the gentle opening of hips and hamstrings. I love my sore abs. (i NEVER have sore abs since I never did any work on them!)  I also kind of love finishing with child’s pose.  Try it! You will see what I mean.


Here I go into Week 2 of my 100-day project, looking forward to more discoveries.  Hopefully more wonderful than weird!


One thought on “Day 7!

  1. Wow – wacky detox stuff! Sounds like it’s working though – and shows how evil sugar is for our bodies.

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