Day 3!

Just a few observations on little ‘ol Day 3 of my 100 day project:

  • Food-wise, I do NOT feel deprived.  Reaching for a sugary snack or treat is such a deeply ingrained habit for me.  But that’s really *all* it is – A HABIT.  My new habit is regaining an appreciation for all the wonderful yummy satisfying whole foods which are readily available to me and don’t make me feel like sh*t 2 minutes after I consume them.
  • Protein is not scary. I became a vegetarian at age 18 with long periods of veganism thrown in.  I had a healthy pregnancy, successful breastfeeding years, ran many a marathon and remained vegetarian, very happily, until Fall of 2013.  I believed I would never ever again consume animal muscle & that was perfectly fine with me.   I cook meat & fish for my son and am not bothered by other folks eating meat or fish around me.  It’s a personal choice.  Well, last year, after discovering that my iron & B12 were ridiculously off-the-charts low, I began supplementing like crazy, including B12 injections.  Liquid iron, iron pills, massive amounts of kale and eggs.  I began to ask myself if I would be “willing” to try eating meat.  I was scared.  Bigtime. Then I decided I would try.  After 25 years of not eating meat, I began with a very innocuous plain chicken breast.  (I am severely allergic to all fish and shellfish or I would have def started with salmon!)  The chicken was fine! No stomach upset, no emotional breakdowns (yes I was worried about that!).  After a few months of eating chicken 2-3 times per week, I tried a small bite of steak off my son’s plate around Christmas time.  OMG. Steak off the grill is delicious. (There, I said it :)) My long runs were stronger.  The end of a 4 hour run was not the exhaust/depletion-fest it used to be.  Problem was: I was still eating a ton of sugar.  SO! I am excited to report I believe I am enjoying the benefits of incorporating the kinds of protein my body was craving without the additional crap it doesn’t need.  This feels good.  Calm. Steady. (as an aside:  food is a very personal, even very touchy subject for many of us and i respect each person’s choice to decide what they put in their mouth. I am not advocating one way of eating over another, just sharing my experience here.) I continue to eat meat 2-3 times per week and my body thanks me.
  • So did I mention the calm???  Even though it’s only Day 3, I feel it.  My body is breathing a huge sigh of relief…”THANK YOU, ERIN!!!” ahhhhhhhhh,,,,,,,poor body was getting kind of pissed off from all those empty sugar calories.  My body prefers clean energy. Duh. I knew that. The greatest benefit, already reaped on Day #2, is calm.  I attribute this to not eating crap.  Also, the yoga.
  • Did I mention the yoga???! 🙂  Sneaking away into the “guest bedroomjunk room yoga room for just 30 minutes each evening is not that much to ask of oneself. And guess what?  It feels SO GOOD.  I have added on this core workout as well, and end with a headstand practice.  I know it sounds cornball, but this little routine helps me “reset” my attitude towards what I am putting into my body.  Running is a constant and I love my “training”…but this is very different.  It feels like a little gift to myself. A reminder to breathe. A reminder to pause.  A reminder to stay in the present and have that be okay.


  • Lastly, a most wonderful note: my cute son is not only on board with my 100 days and watching me like a hawk….he is joining me! He is doing pushups every single night before bed & is basically kicking my butt in the strength department.  Mama needs to up her game.  I see an arm wrestle in my future…

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