100 to 100

I was so inspired by the young girl in this video, I decided to embark on my own “give it 100”, or commitment to doing something everyday, for 100 days.  (yes, I have more than 100 days until my 100-miler but I figured the “100 to 100” visualization would be helpful for me mentally…a mile per day?  :))

SO! my “give it 100” challenge to myself involves doing two things which are indirectly related to my training plan but aren’t specifically running (i’m already doing that!).


Those who know me well know that I have a ridiculous sweet tooth.  However, I do believe it goes beyond the average person’s love of chocolate & has deeper roots with me. With the 100-day challenge I intend to begin to rid myself of that emotional/physiological reliance on fake energy and replace it with wholesome, nourishing foods which will support, rather than inhibit my growth.  I generally have a very healthy diet and I am fortunate enough to not have to rely on crap food to live.  I DO have choices.

My “sugar problem” also tends to exacerbate my mood swings and eczema.  Dry itchy skin and dramatic energetic high & lows are seriously not worth that delicious cupcake.


(this is my favorite running motivation photo….love Ellie!)


Now, with all the running and working and single-parenting and chores and kid-taxiing and lawn-mowing, where the hell am I going to find time to do yoga??? When I lived in Seattle, I used to sneak off to a 90 minute Bikram hot-yoga class in Ballard…that little slice of heaven helped me immeasurably on so many levels – physically, emotionally, spiritually.  I have tried over the years to integrate yoga into my “training plan” and whenever I do it, I am rewarded in spades.  Even just 15 minutes on my old yoga mat with my Bikram book or a video.  It is worth it and I can do it.  Not only will it help my flexibility and strength as a runner, but I also find yoga to be one of the best anti-anxiety, anti-depressant and body-awareness practices around.

My goal for yoga is at least 15 minutes a day, more if time allows.  Everyone has 15 minutes.


So here I go! 100 days starts tomorrow.  I will check in here, periodically, as we all know that public accountability is a major motivator. 🙂


to new beginnings!


10 thoughts on “100 to 100

  1. Good job!! I’m thinking of incorporatin daily meditation into my deprivation diet to replace my nightly glass(es) of wine.
    I’m here for you girl! You can do it!

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