Day 10!

It’s already Day 10! (or “mile 10” – one tenth of the way there! hmmm, might turn this into an 200-day thing…!) Last evening I was personally challenged in a way that allowed me to experience and name another very VERY positive result of this little project of mine: EMOTIONAL CLARITY!!  Sifting through feelings, identifying them, and … More Day 10!

Day 8!

Ok the updates are probably getting annoying so at this point these are primarily for me.  I would like to look back on them later when I fall off this project  do another 100 days. 🙂 Big news in my 100-day project world is this: SLEEP!!!!! (NO, LARS! NOT BABY!) More specifically, UNINTERRUPTED sleep!!! This is … More Day 8!

Day 7!

I wasn’t planning on updating this as often, but it’s worth noting a few weird and wonderful side-effects of this 100-day project, despite being only 7 days in! (hmph – writing that out makes 100 days seem reallllly long….) THE WEIRD: Night sweats from hell! Days 2-5 featured night sweats beyond anything I’d ever experienced. … More Day 7!

Day 3!

Just a few observations on little ‘ol Day 3 of my 100 day project: Food-wise, I do NOT feel deprived.  Reaching for a sugary snack or treat is such a deeply ingrained habit for me.  But that’s really *all* it is – A HABIT.  My new habit is regaining an appreciation for all the wonderful yummy … More Day 3!

100 to 100

I was so inspired by the young girl in this video, I decided to embark on my own “give it 100”, or commitment to doing something everyday, for 100 days.  (yes, I have more than 100 days until my 100-miler but I figured the “100 to 100” visualization would be helpful for me mentally…a mile per day? … More 100 to 100

in my skin

You do not have to be good.You do not have to walk on your kneesfor a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. – Mary Oliver Writing has taken a backseat to the busyness of my life & I realize how much … More in my skin