Oh my, how to start a blog?? I’ll start by sharing a bit about my blog title. Why sakura? Sakura is Japanese for cherry blossom. One of my favorite things about living in Japan during my 20s was the strange beauty of cherry blossom season & the cultural importance of this flower. It was other-worldly in many ways. Pink, white, puffy, wee little buds bursting into delicate little pale pink perfect flowers, seemingly overnight. And then, they’re gone. Falling like snow. The fleeting beauty of sakura mesmerized me. Sad and heart-breakingly sweet at once. The ephemeral nature of the cherry blossom is one we can all relate to. As short-lived as the perfection was, it was immensely reassuring to me that I could count on this happening every spring.


As much as I try to grasp hold of moments and feelings and seemingly “perfect” times – they pass. I am learning to take my sticky fingers off the steering wheel and let go. Allow myself to step back and BE.

Long-distance running has taught me a lot about the passing nature of highs & lows. They do not last.

WR finish

This photo pretty much sums up 2012 for me – I’m nearing the finish line at the White River 50 miler, my first “big girl” mountain ultra.  I finished with a sprained wrist, bloodied knees & a crystal clear sense of exactly what I need to do in order to live my life right.  I had found it.  And as small as the patch of dirt is before the finish line & after it — that tiny step made all the difference to me. The moment was over in an instant but I was changed.  I am lucky enough to know that I can return to that place.  I can count on the trail, the dirt, my footfalls, my sweat.

As I look ahead towards the enormity of the 100 mile race distance, the highs & lows don’t scare me as much as they would have years ago.  As much as running is but a small part of my life – It IS my life.  That’s the gift right there.



5 thoughts on “sakura

  1. erin, this is such a genuine/sweet/ meaningful and touching peice of writing! i am so glad you are doing this and i cannot wait to read more….one can tell when you touch the heart of things! it meant a lot to me!

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